Gloria Scribner nee Wilpot

Abigail Scribner's mother


Gloria Wilpot married Edmond Scribner in 1998. They had three children, William Scribner, aged 14, Abigail Scribner age 10 and Alexander Scribner who died at the age of 2 nearly 8 years ago.

Gloria had worked all her adult life but after Alexander died she quit her job as a stock clerk at a local hunting and fishing supply store and spent more time with her children while her husband worked his ministry. It was then that she began to have suspicions about her husband, his interactions with his kids and the death of their son.

Gloria Scribner died in late 2009. Edmond Scribner, her husband was accused of murdering her but after an investigation and trial that lasted nearly 2 years Edmond was exonerated and Gloria’s death was ruled an accident.

Gloria Scribner nee Wilpot

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