Eric Lewis

Joey's Father


Eric Lewis was born in 1974 in Chicago, Illinois. Eric was born to a lower middle class family and worked part time during high school to help the family out and to save for college. In High School Eric was a star baseball player and received a scholarship to the University of Chicago. Eric graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in architecture. During college, Eric met Linda Bishop and fell in love. They were married shortly after Linda graduated from College.

In 2002, Eric and Linda had a Young child named Joseph. Within a year of his birth Joseph was diagnosed with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy. Eric continued to work at his architecture firm to help pay for Joseph’s medical treatment. Eric was worried about his son and had a difficult time dealing with Joseph’s illness. Eric spoke to hundreds of doctors from around the country in an attempt to help his son. He just could not believe that the Muscular Dystrophy Joseph was suffering from could not be cured. When Joseph was 5 years old, Eric took him to a faith healer outside the city of Chicago. They spent months going to the healer’s sermons, until finally Joseph was brought up to be “healed.” Unfortunately the Preacher was unable to heal Joseph.

His failure to find a cure of his son devastated Eric. He began to drink in secret, trying to forget about his son’s hardships. Three years after Joseph was born, Linda and Eric had a young girl named Alexis. Alexis was in perfect health. In 2008 the family’s house caught on fire. Eric was able to save Joseph, but Alexis died in the fire. Between the loss of her parents and the loss of her daughter, Linda became depressed. Eric began drinking heavily and soon became distant. Within the year, Eric could not stand the sight of either his wife or his son. In 2009, Eric quit his job and left his family. No one has seen him since.

Eric Lewis

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