Linda Bishop

Joey Bishop's Mother


Linda Bishop was born in Hobb’s End, Maine in 1976. Linda is the daughter of Mason and Elizabeth Bishop and has an older brother, John Bishop. The Bishop family was one of the founding families of Hobb’s End. Linda’s life was a privileged one as her family had a lot of money. Linda was a popular teenager being both Head Cheerleader and Home Coming Queen. This did not stop her from being a very hard working woman. From a young age, Linda’s parent encouraged her to work in the community. This made her no stranger to hard work.

In 1994, Linda went to the University of Chicago. There she studied business, eventually earning a Master’s degree in Business. While in school Mason and Elizabeth were murdered. The murder was never found. This devastated Linda and her grades dropped drastically. Wanting to forget the horrible tragedy, she along with her brother agree to donate their old house and all other property to the town of Hobb’s End. Linda had no intention of ever returning to her home town.

In the later years of college, Linda met Eric Lewis. Soon they fell in love and were married shortly after college. They purchased a house in Chicago and raised a family. Linda and Eric had a Young child named Joseph. Within a year of his birth Joseph was diagnosed with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy. Linda stayed home with young Joseph while Eric went to work to support the family. Having a disabled child was difficult for Linda, but she loved him so much and worked hard to give him everything he wanted.
Three years after Joseph was born, Linda and Eric had a young girl named Alexis. Alexis was in perfect health. Joseph loved his little sister and Linda loved that he would help her care for young Alexis. In 2008 the family’s house caught on fire. Eric was able to save Joseph, but Alexis died in the fire. Between the loss of her parents and the loss of her daughter, Linda became depressed. Eric began drinking heavily and soon became distant. In 2009, Eric left Linda and Joseph. Unable to pay the rent on their new apartment Linda and Joseph became homeless.

For six months Linda moved from Homeless shelter to homeless shelter with Joseph while she tried to find work. After six months of not being able to find a job, Linda reluctantly moved back to Hobb’s End. When she returned she looked up her old high school boy friend, Mackey who was now the town mayor. Mayor Mackey felt bad for the tragedies that Linda had to endure and agree to let her and Joseph live in her family home. Linda turned the Bishop house into a bed and breakfast. She has also been given some money by her brother to help her and joseph out. For the last five years she has been running the Bishop house and taking care of Joseph as best she can. In the last five years she has been able to make a decent amount of money, enough to pay for Joseph’s treatments.

Linda Bishop

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