About Ryan

Hi! My name is Ryan Mackey. I am 10 years old. I am going to be 11 at the end of September. This part is about me and what I like and the stuff that I do.


I currently am out of school but will be in the 5th grade next year. My teacher will be Mrs. Killian. There will be 18 people in my class. 5 of them are my friends. Abigail is a girl, she’s kind of cool her dad is the priest. Joey, he’s really smart and his mom lives in the Bishop house. I do some chores for her from time to time and she gives me money and cookies. Zeke, he drew this picture of me isn’t it cool. He’s kind of strange but I think he’s ok and Joey likes him. Ozzy is another friend of mine and he likes animals and going out into the woods. Blake is a native american not an indian but he sometimes is called an alagonquin. I don’t know what that is but he’s pretty nice but his cousin is stupid lame.

I like baseball a lot. I write about it on here if you go look at my page you’ll see it. It’s at the bottom and don’t let super stealth spider scare you. He’s cool. I like adventuring around, and playing as an explorer looking into new and exciting places and far away lands. I like my home a lot. Hobb’s End is neat. There are so many places to explore and check out. Its been around forever and indians used to live here so I find arrowheads ALL THE TIME. I’ve got a collection of them to go along with my baseball card collection.

Well, I don’t know what else to write about me. If you ever meet me maybe we can be friends and talk. Thanks!!

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About Ryan

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