Joey's friends Essay


When I first came to Hobb’s End I didn’t have a lot of friends. I have a few friends now but not many. Friends are hard to make in this town. The kids do not like me because I look funny with my crutches. They don’t understand how hard it is to move and make fun of the way I walk. They are really mean. I don’t like mean people.

I try not to hate them. They get to walk and run. They make it seem very easy, but it is not easy. It is hard sometimes. I wish they would just leave me a lone. Most of the time they just call me names or laugh at me. Sometimes they try to hit me. My Mom told me to walk away when they are mean and I try. I really do. But I hate the teasing. When they tease others I yell at them. I would rather they tease me then someone else. Its mean for them to tease other kids. At least I’m use to it.

My best friend is Ezek. He is really cool. He likes vampires and black. He hangs out at my house a lot and does not like his house so we stay away from it. His parents seem mean. I don’t think he likes them. My mother likes Ezek and lets him hang out a lot. We sometimes walk around town talking. He gets picked on too because he likes to paint his face and the other kids think its silly. I think it looks cool. We are together a lot.

I have a few other friends I hang out with like Ryan and Abigail and Blake and Ozzie. They are nice friends and we hang out. We are the weird ones of the school but we get along most of the time. I think these are all the friends I have.

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Joey's friends Essay

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