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August 23rd 2014

There was a funeral for Wesley Evens. He is James’ brother. It was a sad day. The funeral was long, much like Mathew’s funeral. Mrs. Evens started screaming at her son’s coffin. It was very scary. After the funeral ended I went up and gave my sorry to James. That’s what you do at a funeral you say sorry. They did the same at Alexis’ funeral. I also put flowers on the coffin. It was a sad time. Even Ezek who likes skulls and stuff was sad. Nobody likes funerals. Nobody.

After the funeral my mom kept watching me. She knew that the funeral reminded me of Alexis and Mathew. Some of the kids from school were there. We hung out by the old oak tree. It was Ezek, me, Blake, Abigail, Oscar and Ryan. Ryan climbed the big tree. Even I tried to climb it. I was able to get to the first branch, but needed help from Ezek to get down. My mom was not happy with me climbing the tree. I know she worries about me, but if I don’t try thing then I will be weak for the rest of my life. I have to keep trying things. I am not as weak as people think.

My mom went off to speak with Mrs. Mackey and we decided to go to the playground across the street. I texted my mom and she said it was ok. While we were crossing the street Ryan and Abigail saw a light in the old Marshal House. The Marshal house is a really scary house. I’ve heard the people were killed in that house. We played a bit at the playground, but Ryan kept wanting to go check out the light in the Marshal house. Blake wasn’t so sure about it, but Abigail convinced him. I think Blake might like Abby.

Abby offered to take Ryan’s brother and sister back to his mother and left us at the playground. Abby was confronted by her brother and his friends at the crosswalk. The rest of the guys went over to help as it looked like her brother was picking on her. It took me a while to get off the swing and head over there. When I got there the older boys were gone. I didn’t see what happened but I guess they pushed her around. Ezek, Ryan and Blake were very upset about it. We then headed to the Marshall house.

The house had a large fence around it and at first I was worried that I would not be able to get inside. I am always being left out of stuff because of my illness. Luckly there was room for me to squeeze through the slats. I guess its ok being small sometimes. Ezek, Ozzie, Abby and I snuck up to the window to look inside. There was a light inside but the place did not look lived in. I was going to suggest we look in other windows, but then I noticed that Ryan and Blake were at the front door.

Blake was trying to open the door. He was using some metal to mess with the lock. I was kinda shock at this. I didn’t really think we were actually going to go inside. I know it is wrong to go into places you don’t belong, but I couldn’t stop them. Blake had the door open and stepped inside. Ryan closed the door on Blake, locking him inside. Ryan was laughing and Blake was screaming to let him out. If there was anyone in the house they heard Blakes screaming.

Ryan is not a mean person he just likes to play jokes. I didn’t think this was a very nice joke since we all know that Blake is scare easily. I stood by the window and told Ryan to let Blake out. I tried to act tough. I knew Blake was scared. I know how he feels. I get scared sometimes too and we have all heard bad things about the Marshall House. Ryan opened the door and let Blake out. Then a older woman came out asking us why we were there. I ducked back into the bushes and I don’t think she saw me there. The guys talked to her and told her we saw a light and were investigating it. She threatened to call the Sheriff on us if we didn’t leave. So we left.

As we walked back to the park the guys were bummed and Blake was pissed at Ryan. I suggested that if we wanted to see ghosts, then we should go to Overlook. I asked my mom if everyone could stay the night and she said yes. I told the guys that we could sneak out after dark and head over to the Overlook. They liked the Idea. I don’t get much chance to hang out with other kids. They mostly make fun of me. But these guys are kool. I’ve known them for a few years, but now we are doing something kool together. It should be fun. I’ll write more after we get to the Overlook tonight.

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