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August 23, 2014 to August 24, 2014

After we sleep for a few hours we woke up and got ready to head to the Outlook. I packed a bag of trail mix incase I got hungry. Abby brought M&Ms. I’m not suppose to have candy after 10 so I thought I would just eat the trail mix. It was exciting to sneak out of the house. I don’t break the rule very often. I am afraid that I might get hurt, but I am finally getting to go out with friends. It was kool that they let me go.

We rode our bikes to the Outlook. The Outlook was about a mile away from my house. It was hard to pedal that far. My legs were really hurting, but I didn’t let anyone know. If they knew that it was hard for me they might not invite me next time. The Outlook is huge. Abby says she stays there sometimes, but never at night. A few people were staying there so we had to be very quiet.

We parked our bikes on the side of the house. I chained my big up to an old pipe. They guys made fun of me a little, but they don’t understand how expensive my bike is. I can’t ride a normal bike because of my legs and Uncle John must have spent a lot of money to get me this bike. I love it. I don’t want it to get stolen. We then snuck to the playground and played around a bit. Abby played on the spring animals. She says she doesn’t like them but I think she does. There were bushes shapped like animals near the playground. They looked very creepy.

At one point Blake said that he saw one of the bushes change shape. It was a bunny rabbit. He said it was standing one moment and then was crouching the next. I did not see it standing. I was a little freaked out, but I decided to check it out. I didn’t want them to see me scared. I wanted them to invite me out next time so I walked up to the bush. I stuck my head in and saw that it was a normal bush. It could not change shape at all. I told this to everyone, but a few of them still believed that it had moved.

The playground was pretty boring so I suggested that we go into the hedge maze. The maze is huge. I have never seen anything like it. Luckily Ozzie is good with directions so he lead us to the middle of the maze. Blake says that people disappear in the middle of the maze at midnight. I don’t believe him. The middle of maze was huge. There were a lot of benches and bushes. There was also a large statue of a cupid in fountain. We didn’t really know what to do so I suggested be try to summon a ghost.

I had read a lot about supernatural stuff when trying to find out about my superpowers. I remembered a strange ritual to summon ghosts so we decided to try it. Abby gave us her M&Ms as an offering and we built a small fire and a stick figure to represent the ghost. We then chanted the magic words. A strong wind came through the maze, but nothing else happened. It was very kool.

Blake then said he wanted to summon is mom. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. But I remembered Dr. Cline saying that people needed to be closed. So maybe Blake needed to talk to his mom one more time to be closed. I felt bad for him. I could not imagine not having my mom around. Before we could setup the ritual again the sprinklers came on all over the maze. We ducked toward the dry areas, but Ozzie got very wet. Abby placed some rocks on the sprinkler to prevent getting wet and it work pretty good.

We then setup the ritual, but this time we had to use paper instead of leaves to start the fire cuz the leaves were wet. This time when we finished the ritual we heard a very load wailing. It was very load. Load enough to wake up the caretaker Mr. Grady. He came out of the Outlook asking who was outside. Even though Mr. Grady could not see us in the maze we knew that he would come over to look for us. Ezek, Ozzie and Blake ran for it. I think they headed back the way we came. Abby stomped out the fire and Abby, Ryan and I headed the opposite way out of the middle of the maze. We stumbled around for a bit but kept hitting dead ends. I was scared that we might get caught. My mom would be so mad if we got caught. I decided to use my Superpowers to view the maze from up high to help us get out. I told Abby that My legs hurt and that I needed her help to support me. It wasn’t really a lie, my legs did hurt a lot. I then sent my vision above the maze. I saw the way out and was able to guide us. Mr. Grady was in the maze looking for us and I was able to avoid him. We made it out of the maze and found Ozzie and Blake. Ezek was no where around.

I was looking around to see if we got caught when I noticed the bunny bush. It was standing on its back legs. The bush did move. Blake was right. I checked it and there was no way it could move. Something scary is happening here. When I looked at the house with my superpower vision I saw a skull and crossbones symbol on the house as if the house was death or poison. This place really is haunted.

While we hid from Mr. Grady I texted Ezek and found out he was by the bikes getting ready for us to leave. Abby told me to get him to come back so I did and he asked me where we were. I thought it would be easier to sent him a picture so I told him of our location. Mr. Grady started heading toward us. We ran into the forest surrounding the Outlook and hid. He came close to us but did not find us.

Mr. Grady got bored with looking around and went back inside. We then headed back to the bikes to find Ezek. He was there. Abby and Ryan wanted to go inside the Outlook so we decided to find the special room. Ezek says there is a room in there that Mr. Grady’s dog won’t go into. It might be haunted. Abby knew a way in, but it required climbing onto a shed and then through a window. I didn’t know if I could make it up there so I told everyone to go first and asked Ezek to help me. Everyone made it up and Ezek used his superpower Tk to help me up into the window. I think ozzie may have seen Ezek use his power but I am not sure.

I’m a little scared since there has been strange things going on. But I will follow the group anyways.

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Joey's Journal Page 2

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