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Dr. Cline is weird but he is also very smart. When I go to see him he sometimes has me write these essays instead of talking to him. He says that sometimes it’s easier to write about something then it is to talk. He’s right. The essays are easier than telling him stuff.

The trouble is, I can’t tell him everything. I can’t tell him about my superpowers or about the Angels. He would think that I was crazy and take me away. Heck even Ezek doesn’t believe me about the Angels, which makes no sense since he has super powers to I mean where does he think the powers come from.

Anyways Dr. Cline suggested that I write a journal where I can put my personal thoughts. He says he doesn’t need to see it ever, so I think this might be a safe place to write down things. So this is my journal. I will write as often as I can.

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Joey's Journal Page Forward

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