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Joey Bishop:
A Visual Background

Joey’s Sound Track

Track 1. Boys always want to save the day
Song: Underdog Theme Song
Performed by: Peter Tevis

Track 2. If only I could play sports
Song: Centerfield
Performed by: John Fogerty

Track 3. Advice from his Mother
Song: Simple Man
Performed by: Lynyrd Skynard

Track 4. Finding GOD
Song: Change in My Life
Performed by: John Pagano

Track 5. Joey’s Father
Song: No Son of Mine
Performed by: Genesis

Track 6. Fighting bullies
Song: Loser Like me
Performed by: Cast of Glee

Track 7. Being Homeless
Song: Another Day in Paradise
Performed by: Phil Collins

Track 8. Love song to Debbie Gill
Song: ABC
Performed by: Jackson 5

Track 9. Meeting Angels
Song: Are you ready for a miracle
Performed by: Patti Labelle

Track 10. Fighting disability
Song: Blackbird
Performed by: Cast of Glee

Track 11. Hoping to be better
Song: Fireworks
Performed by: Katy Perry

Track 12. A Child’s Cartoon
Song: Scooby Doo Theme Song
Performed by: Austin Roberts

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