Joey's Mother Essay


I love my Mom. Her name is Linda. She takes good care of me and works really hard. It sometimes makes me sad how hard she works. She runs the Bishop house which is a kinda hotel. Mom says that people like to come stay with us and they give us money. She is always trying to make people feel good when they stay with us. She cleans their rooms and cooks them meals. It is nice to see different people around the house.

My mom told me that our family use to be rich. The Bishop house use to be my grandparents house until they died. I don’t know where the money went but we don’t have it anymore. My mom seems ok with it. She works to hard but seem to enjoy it. The mayor was nice enough to let us live in the Bishop house even though we don’t own it anymore. It sure beats living in shelters. I feel better and stronger and good living in this house.

My mom is a very nice person. She likes taking care of me and my friend and will make us cookies and other snacks. She always wants to feed my friends when they come over and they like her food. She is a good cook. I love my Mom and lot and she loves me. We help each other out and can do anything together.

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Joey's Mother Essay

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