Joey's School Essay


I like school a lot. There are a lot of fun activities to do. I enjoy reading and writing. I like math and making things with science. Most of the other kids think in a nerd. That’s ok with me. Even though my body doesn’t work right, my brain works really well. I love to learn new things. I guess that’s what people don’t understand. There is so much in this world; I want to learn about all of it.

I go to the library a lot and I enjoy reading books. I like science fiction books and history books. History is really cool. There are so many stories and it is fun to imagine what it would be like to live in those times. Of course if I did, I would probably be dead. They people in the past did not understand my illness and didn’t have the right doctors like we do now.

I am not the smartest kid in my class, but I work hard. I think that’s why my mom doesn’t yell at me much when I get into trouble. I do my school work and learn on my own so she allows me to make mistakes sometimes. My mom always helps me with my school work. Even though I don’t need her help, I let her help anyways. I like spending time with her and it makes her feel better to help me.

The rest of school is hard. The kids treat me bad because of my illness. They tease me and pick on me at times. Sometime they tease me because I am good at school, but mostly they tease me for my illness. It makes me angry at times, but I try really hard not to be. Most of them tease me because I’m different. They are just doing what everyone else does. A few are really bullies. I hate bullies and try to stand up to them most of the time. The bullies just want to hurt people.

My friends and I are not very popular. Ezek is made fun of because he dresses in black and wears vampire makeup. I don’t think I want to be popular. I watch Rose, the most popular girl in school, and she doesn’t seem happy. I don’t think being popular is fun. I do want people to like me and try to be nice to people. I have a few friends and that’s all I need to get by.

So ya, school is easy and it is hard.

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Joey's School Essay

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