Oscar Journal 2

August 24

We slept for a bit and went to the Outlook to look for ghosts. It’s a bit weird riding our bikes that late, and the Outlook is a long ride away from Joey’s place. There’s the playground behind the place, with that Hedge Maze, and some hedges cut into animal shapes, for the tourists. We spent some time in the playground, planning what to do and trying to make sure everybody was asleep, until Blake said the Rabbit moved.

I told him it was just the wind, but he was frightened. With the dark shadows, it was pretty creepy. People see things all the time, and Grampy says it’s rude to call them fools or liars, so I stopped trying to convince him that couldn’t happen. We went on into the Hedge Maze, so we couldn’t see any moving hedge statues. It’s not a long maze, so we got to the center. It had some statues and stuff, and Joey suggested doing a ritual he read from a book. It was supposed to summon a ghost.

We must have done it wrong: all we got was some wind. That was pretty neat, though. Blake wanted to try again, but asking for a specific ghost, his mom. Blake’s mom is dead, so we couldn’t say no. We tried to set the ritual up again, but the sprinklers came on. We all got wet, but the others found places to duck out of the way. I hope the water doesn’t ruin all my notes. I can’t do proper experiments if I can’t repeat what I saw.

Anyway, we finally tried the ritual. No wind this time: we got a creepy crying noise. I really need to work out where it came from! Too bad it woke up the caretaker. We all had to run away. I got to the forest trees, with Zeke and Blake. We could wait for Mr. Grady to finish looking, there.

Finally he started to go away, and we all met back at the bikes. Abby said she knew a way in that wouldn’t alert Mr. Grady, but I was worried it would be hard for Joey. Zeke said he’d help – but he didn’t just /push/ Joey up, he lifted him up without touching him. Zeke /does/ have superpowers. People with superpowers have to help ordinary people like us when bad things happen, so I’m sure we’ll be safe. We’re supposed to go to a haunted room. Maybe the ghosts there can give the rest of us super powers? Or send us a raidioactive spider? I’ve always wanted super powers!

I will have to remember to ask Zeke if he can somehow make the room quiet, so nobody outside hears if Blake screams. Maybe he can do some strength tests, too. I want to see him lift a car. But I can ask that tomorrow.

First we have to see Abby’s ghost. She’s so good at finding those things. Maybe she has super brains, like Mr. Fantastic?

Oscar Journal 2

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