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We all went to bed early that night. I don’t remember if Jesse had an alarm set up or someone used one of their phones, but we all woke up around midnight. We got dressed into some warmer cloths and quietly snuck out the window. We quickly moved across the yard to the garage where our bikes were. We all loaded up and headed out. It was dark, really dark. We put Jesse up front with his head light so we’d have someone to follow. It probably took longer at night than it would’ve during the day to get there but when we did get there we were met with an ominous sight.

The Outlook, which seemed to have some late season guests still staying there. I know I said it was abandoned but you’re talking fifty years ago, cut me some slack. The majority of the lights were off but some glows were coming from the windows. There was this cool row of topiary animals that led up the main road the Outlook. We took a couple of minutes to take it all in before deciding to go hide our bikes at the pool house.

Once we were all settled in we took off on foot towards the playground. The playground was pretty cool. It had all the typical assortment of playground items but the centerpiece was a miniature replica of the Outlook. We were just kind of hanging out and Alan went all crazy scared suddenly; honestly that’s nothing new; but he seemed to think one of the rabbit topiaries moved. I didn’t see anything so I didn’t think anything of it. I eventually went over and started looking at the mini-Outlook. Whomever made it must’ve put a lot of time into because it was very well crafted if my memory serves me.

Eventually, we all got pretty bored and Jesse said we should go to the Hedge Maze. That sounded like fun to me. A maze, in the dark, couldn’t get much more fun than that. Marty was able to navigate us through the maze pretty seamlessly and got us to the center real quick. The center was pretty nice. It had some benches and a nice little fountain with a statue of a Cupid spitting water from its mouth. Jesse had this crazy idea about summoning a ghost. I remember thinking to myself, yeah right summon a ghost, sure. Well everyone seemed to be on board with it. So Jesse had us go collect some stuff. I needed to get rocks because apparently part of this “summoning” required a fire and he didn’t want to burn stuff down. Long story short we did the ritual and at the end all we got was a gust of cold wind.

Well all that was fine and dandy but you’d never believe what happened next; Alan, easily scared Alan wanted to try the ritual again but he wanted to summon his mother. Alan’s mother had died some time before and apparently he had the courage to summon her ghost. So we went about setting up the ritual again but before we could get things going the sprinkler system came on. Funnily, most of us didn’t get wet with one exception: Marty. He got downright soaked.

Well, Pat and Marty had some bright idea and used some rocks to block the sprinklers and we went ahead with the ritual anyways. This time something happened. We heard this loud wailing and I mean loud. I was shaken a little bit by it but then I heard the caretakers voice shouting over it yelling who was out there. At that point I knew we were burned. Joeseph bailed almost immediately followed quickly by Marty and Alan. That left me, Jesse and Pat stuck by ourselves in the middle of maze. We had a quick discussion on how to get out and started moving. Jesse’s legs were bugging him so Pat and I had to help him some on the way out. We were able to escape and didn’t get caught by the caretaker. It was a little too close for me.

We ended up finding Alan and Marty outside the maze near the playground. We were trying to rest up from all the running and dragging Jesse around when Jesse freaked out about one of the rabbit topiaries. Now he was saying it moved, and he and Alan were content that they had actually saw something. Honestly, I didn’t see anything and I still think their minds were playing tricks on them. The caretaker was still following us so we bailed into the woods nearby and hid there for a bit. Jesse sent Joseph a text trying to figure out where he was. He was waiting by the bikes getting set for us to take off, but we had no plans to leave now. Jesse sent him a picture trying to show him where we were but all it did was make a bright flash that got the caretakers attention. At that point we dug in and really tried to hide, praying he wouldn’t come into the woods. Well, as luck would have it he stopped about twenty or so feet away looked around and headed back to the house.

At this point Pat and I wanted to go inside the Outlook. Pat knew a way in where we wouldn’t get caught. Joeseph finally found us, and Pat took us to the way inside. I was the first one up. It was a pretty easy climb for me, and Pat but for Jesse this might be hard. Joeseph mentioned something about one of the rooms that the caretaker’s dog wouldn’t go in, and we thought that would be a great place to check out, but I don’t how we were going to find out which room it was. Once we all got inside it was time to do some exploring.

(To be continued on Page 3…)

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