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The Overlook was never really a creepy place to me on the outside. When I did get inside things kind of changed. Perhaps it was because it was late at night and we had entered the building in an abandoned room or maybe I had let the fear of my friends get to me. Once we were inside we settled on a plan. Joeseph knew the room numbers that the caretaker’s dog wouldn’t go in and so we headed out to find them.

Room 205 was up first; I think that was the number, or it was something close to it. Anyways, the way the Outlook did its room numbers were odd. The first floor had rooms that started with a “0” like 012 and the second floor had a “1” and the third a “2” and a the fourth a “3”. So room 205 was on the third floor, which happened to be one level higher than where we entered in. The stairway was at the end of the hallway just outside the room we snuck into so getting to it was pretty easy. We made our way up a flight of stairs; much to Jesse’s despair. When we got up to the next level we slowly made our way to the room.

ROOM 205

The door was locked of course, but just like Alan, Joeseph seemed to have some skills in breaking into locks. In my youth I never really thought much of it but now that I’m older I have to say such skills for an eleven year old to have is very strange. The first few attempts didn’t go all that well but eventually Joeseph got it. Since I wanted to see ghosts so badly I got the honor of going in first. I really had no problem with this as I did really want to see a ghost. The room itself was pretty standard for the Overlook. It was dark, quiet, somewhat dusty from under use and above all else, empty. It was pretty much a dull old room. Jesse was trying to act all scary with some tall tales, but Pat wasn’t have any of it and neither was I. It was empty, and no ghosts to be seen. So we moved on to the next room.

ROOM 236

We made our way down the hallways until we got to room 236, and things were going ok until Jesse had some sort of strange painful outburst. He yelped and we had to hurry into the room to keep from getting caught. Whatever was going on with him wasn’t good, and at the time I wasn’t sure if he was having some sort of an episode pertaining to his disease or what. That said Pat was still skeptical about his actions and stories. He kept going on and on about this girl and some guy who was telling him to stop peeking. I’m not sure what that all meant but Pat was convinced he was simply lying to try to get a rise out of us. This room, like the last, had a bunch of nothing. Well, almost nothing, it had some stains on the floor and under the bed, and some sort of strange residue in the box spring. I thought it was rust or something. At this point I was becoming pretty depressed with our adventure. I really wanted to see a ghost and all we were getting was a big, fat nothing. I started to think maybe Pat was right about there not being anything at the Overlook. After a bit of prodding we moved across the hall to room 237.

ROOM 237

Let me preface this with the following: What I write here actually happened. What we saw, heard and felt all truly transpired. I know some people will be doubtful and I understand but as God as my witness it’s true. This room was more or less like the others. The bathroom had some water in and the shower curtain was pulled but I didn’t care at the time. I came out of the bathroom and then sat down in disgust and anger. We had just spent a few hours basically running around and doing nothing. I felt like it was a complete waste of time and effort. I was about ready to give up and skip the last room when Jesse yelped out in pain and collapsed onto the floor. At first, I thought he might of been joking but the spray of blood from his nose made me think otherwise. Then, suddenly, there was this shuffle sound in the bathroom. Slightly stunned I sat there looking at Jesse and Pat made her way to the bathroom. When she looked inside she let out this horrific scream. I mean, I can still hear it to this day, it was ear-piercing. It was this purely instinct type gutteral yell. I snapped to and came over to her to see what she was screaming at and thats when I saw it.

Her face was wrinkled as if she’d been in the water for far too long. She was naked from head to toe and most of her skin followed the same type of wrinkled pattern except for the parts of it which were completely gone or rotted away. She was reaching out to Pat and I as if she was trying to grab us and she started slowly moving closer. I remember staring at her, trying to shout out for my mother but words just wouldn’t come out. I remember being stuck in her gaze, frozen as if I had no chance of escape from this thing. If not for Pat shaking me out of it I dunno what would’ve happened. What happened next, happened fast. I recall forcing the window open, and Joeseph grabbing Jesse and jumping outside. I remember Ozzy climbing out and Pat standing alone in the room with the thing holding a knife. I remember shouting at her to come on as I slipped out the window and jumped down to the roof below. She followed quickly behind me with this leap out of the window; looked painful when she landed. We all made it out and we just ran as fast as we could back to our bikes. I recall Jesse was unconscious and I had to carry him and put him in my bike’s basket (they always made fun of it cause I called it the gimp basket because of Jeese but it did what it was supposed to do.) We rode off into the night fleeing from the Overlook having seen that ghost that I wanted to.

The ride home wasn’t easy. Carrying Jesse was difficult but I made it work. I was probably the best bike rider of all my friends and when Jesse finally woke up and started to shift I thought we were going to bail but I was able to hold on and keep us upright. I calmed him down and eventually we stopped to talk things over. The conversation was pretty quick as we all decided we had enough for one night and getting Jesse back home to rest was the best thing to do. We had some problems with the blood soaked shirt he was wearing and didn’t know how to explain things to his mother but any kind of wounds he had we couldn’t see and we hoped neither could his mother. We snuck in, feigned some playing and sleeping when he mother eventually woke up and were able to get away with going out after dark. We were all pretty damn exhausted and we slept most of the morning away. When we did wake up Jesse’s mother had made some food for us, and we eat and got messages about our parents. My mother wanted me home as soon as possible. Yeah, the tree was going to come back and haunt me but that was nothing compared to what had happened the night before. Pat’s father wanted her home by dinner time. He also mentioned something about not going near the south woods. Well, you know, I never really listened when I was told to stay away from someplace. I wanted to goto the south woods and I convinced most everyone to come – with the exception of Jesse who wasn’t feeling well and was going to stay home.

(To be continued on Page 4…)

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