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(The Following Day)

I think the saddest part of this particular chapter is that most of my friends; with the exception of Jesse; pretty much ditched me out of what I figured at the time was fear. I had this driving desire to find out what was going on out in the woods but once Marty left I didn’t really have the knowledge of the outdoors he had, and when Joeseph and Pat left I was pretty much alone to go at it myself. When they all left I snuck off into the south woods by myself and for all my searching I ended up finding a whole bunch of nothing. It was such a disappointment and what was worse at that time was I had to go home. Admittedly, I knew what was coming and I was pretty well steeled against what my mother had planned for me. I knew my father wouldn’t be home til later in the evening so it was better to go home and get it out of the way instead of letting it brew another day.

When I did finally get home my mother made me do chores starting with my bedroom and then moving on to various small things around the house. It was mostly busy work meant as punishment but it was better than some of the alternatives that could’ve been. When I had finished all of that she locked me in the basement until just before dinnertime. It was dark, and pretty boring but after awhile you get used to it and your eyes adjust but at ten years old shadows tend to play tricks on your mind. So while I tried to be strong more often than not I was pretty scared. I would usually whistle or hum to myself to try to keep the fear at bay but that didn’t always work. The rest of that night was pretty uneventful.

The following morning Jesse called my house and wanted to go to the library for something. He mentioned something about a shovel and the Overlook. So after playing phone tag and asking mother if I could go I was on my way to the local library. Once I was there Jesse informed me, well all of us; Joeseph, Marty, Pat, Alan of the plan. We were going to dig up any kind of information about ghosts, the Overlook, and how to actually get rid of ghosts. He seemed pretty set on it so I didn’t want to rock his little boat by telling him that I didn’t want to get rid of the ghost so much as I wanted to talk to it, understand it, know why it was a ghost and how we could help it… well, be put to rest for lack of a better turn of phrase.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen Jesse driven about much of anything, ever, outside of his studies but he was focused on this as I recall. We spent all day at that library pouring over books and pictures on the microfilm machines. (For those of you who are too young to remember stuff like microfilm. It was like paper photographs only they were small and transparent so you could shine light through them to see them, and they had machines that would blow up the images on a screen.) Much like the HoloApp3D for the newer HoloPhone Micros.

Most of our efforts produced some decent results. It’s really surprising what kind of information a library can hold and what you can find if you really put your mind to it. We found out all manner of things. I don’t remember all the details but we did end up finding some interesting rituals or ceremonies that could help in putting the ghost to rest. We also got some information about dealing with the actual corpse of the ghost as a way to put it to rest. One thing I do remember specifically was Joeseph wanted nothing to do with any kind of Exorcism; which now thinking back to how his parents treated him and what they called him makes some sense. Once we had all the information gathered up it was time to make plans on what to do next.

(To be continued on Page 5…)

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