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I’m not really sure what happened but things just kind of fell apart after we spent several hours researching ghosts. My friends just seemed to lose interest. We spent some time mulling things over but in the end we all decided it was best to just let the whole thing go. I can’t say if it was out of fear, indifference or some other kiddy desire. In the end we all just dropped it. This, of course, meant the rest of the day was open to do whatever we wanted to do. After a brief discussion we ended up on my father’s boat heading off to a swimming hole to have an end of summer blast of fun. It was nice, and I recall grilling my dad about the people moving into the Marsh house: some family named “Carter”. That’s all I really remember getting out of him.


I can’t speak for everyone, well maybe Jesse, but I was kind of happy to be heading back to school. One, it meant not having to be around my mother all day and two, I wasn’t always having to watch after Robby and Anne. Mrs. Killian seemed like a nice enough teacher when I first met her, and she ensured me that being the mayor’s son didn’t mean any kind of special treatment. I did my work or I didn’t pass just like everyone else. Typical stuff I had come to expect from pretty much anyone I met when my father was mayor.

She had arranged the seats in groups of four; alphabetically. My friends and I were pretty well spread out given out last names. The one person who did stick out was this new kid; the Carter boy. He seemed pretty distant, in a lot of ways like Joeseph but less into creepy stuff. He looked like a loner and he acted like he wanted to be hiding in a corner. This was a red flag with me in my younger years. It meant someone who needed a friend and I liked making friends. So during our first recess that day I went and introduced myself. If you haven’t figured it out yet; he was a bit standoffish. He was kind of counting to himself when I skulked up quietly and more to the point he was sitting and staring at a wall. Yeah, definitely a lot like Joeseph.

I made some immediate inroads by not treating him like a douchebag. We had a small conversation when I figured the best person to relate to this guy was going to be Jesse. He was smart and this kid seemed to be a bit beyond my brain power at that age. So after a little convincing I was able to get him to join me in a quick walk across the playground over to the tree where Jesse liked to sit and read his books; flavor of that particular time “Star Wars” something or other. I think he was getting psyched about Episode Seven at the time.

(To be continued on Page 6…)

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Ryan Page 5

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