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As much as I wanted Phil Carter to meet Jesse it just wasn’t meant to be. Things just seemed to fall through the cracks and before I knew it lunch was over. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, at least, until after the school day ended.

We were all heading out of classes to the front to wait on our rides when we noticed a group of kids kind of cluttered up. That usually only meant one thing, a fight. Sure enough that’s exactly what it was but it wasn’t your typical kind of fight. It was a bullying more than anything. Poor Phil had finally gotten the chance to meet our tormentor Mac. Mac was a big kid, not as big as Alan but still rather large. I wasn’t really paying that much attention as I was more concerning with finding my mother than anything, but when I noticed Jesse trying to stand up to Mac in defense of Phil. I changed my attention. Mac was going to kill Jesse if he put up too much of a huff, and put up a huff he did. Mac looked like he was getting ready to clobber Jesse when Jesse got the bright idea of poking Mac between the legs with his crutch. It hurt Mac, but not nearly enough to really stop him. He got pretty pissed off and mouthed something under his breath. At that point I started making my way towards him as fast as I could. What happened next was mostly a blur. I remember Mac got a punch off on Jesse and I tackled Mac to the ground. We were rolling around quite a bit, and I’m not too sure what happened next. It seemed like there was some sort of locust swarm or something, and kids started running and yelling and I took my leave with Mac in tow. I was quicker than he was, and he knew he wasn’t going to catch me. Hell, I knew he wasn’t going to catch me. So in my youthful fashion I tried to focus his anger on me. So I started taunting him. Some of his friends tried to stop him but I really got under his skin.He chased me around the neighborhood but I lost him and made my way back to school and into my mother’s waiting car. Needless to say she wasn’t too pleased with how dirty I was.

(To be continued on Page 7…)

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Ryan Page 6

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