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(All Hell Broke Loose)

I do from time to time wonder about some of my old friends. How they acted, how they came off as people. Now that I am older I can really appreciate what they were in their youth. It had only been a couple days since school started when the wheels started to come off the wagon so to speak. Pat and Jesse were trying to convince me that some strange stuff was going on. They were pretty adamant, in fact Pat was downright aggressive in her own defense. Jesse tried to be logical about it but to my ten year old mind he just came off looking stupid. I admit at that time a lot of stuff was happening to the two of them, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. I half believed they were trying to pull one on me, but then all hell broke loose.

The night after our “conversation” about the strange happenings Joeseph shot his father. Yes, shot him, with a gun. I learned this from Jesse who said Joeseph was hiding in his attic. I immediately thought we should tell somebody but Jesse gave me a horrible sob story about tattletales. I know that probably doesn’t hold weight at age sixty, but when you’re ten it can kind of pull some strings. I knew not telling someone was wrong even if Jesse made his case in defense of Joeseph. Pat even went so far as to threaten me with not being my friend anymore. It was nice to know she was so staunch in her defense of Joeseph for shooting his father even though she professes an undying love for hers. Well, the police questioned us, and I am sure you can all figure out how well that went. Needless to say I am positive now that they knew we were lying. We decided to meet up after school that day and… well I can’t really quite recall why we were meeting up.

(To be continued on Page 9…)

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Ryan Page 8

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