Ryans Home


This is my house! Its cool! I live in one of the bedrooms upstares. I was going to draw a picture of my bedroom but mother says its messy. I have a lot of cool stuff in my room. I have my baseball bat and my glove. I have a bed with a cool red soxs blanket. I got a picture of Dustin Pedroia my favorite red sock. I have my banjo and some banjo picks and some music papers. I have my skylanders collection and some pokemon cards. I have a charmander!

The rest of the house is ok. My brother and sister share a room cuz they are little still but I think mom and dad are going to have my brother come live in my room which will be ok. He better not touch my stuff. The family room has a TV which I can watch for a little while after dinner but I like going outside more unless its to late. My dad has a study room for studying for his work. He’s the mayor. I guess mayors need to study too. Dad says he always has lots of reading to do. He has a lot of books and he won’t let me touch them.

Oh, outside theres some cool stuff too. There are 3 big trees around my house that I like to climb. Mother caught me in one and she got mad. She does not want me climbing trees. We also have a white pickit fence around the house. My dad built it himself with some wood and a hammer and nails. He also painted it the white. We put up the American flag everyday cuz dads the mayor and for our boys. I don’t know who our boys are but I think its for the soldiers because mother always says shes sick and tired of listening about the soldiers and I don’t think she likes the flag much.

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Ryans Home

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