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August 26th -September 1st, 2014

The trip to the library was very fun. We found a ritual that might stop the ghost of the outlook, but it is an exorcism. Ezek doesn’t like exorcisms since his parents had them performed on him when he was younger, but we didn’t find anything else. The group talked a bit and I got the impression that most of the guys didn’t want to stop the ghost. I tried to convince them. They said they would go do it, but they really didn’t want to, so I told them that we didn’t have to do it. Everyone agreed to leave the ghost alone.
It too bad. I’m still worried about the ghost, but at least we had a fan day at the library. We decided to go out to lunch. Ryan suggested that we go get lobster rolls. I never had lobster before and didn’t have any money, but Ezek offered to pay for me. They were good.

The guys were still bored and they decided to see if we could take Ryan’s family boat out on the river. We went to Ryan’s house to ask his father, the mayor. We were hoping to take out the small row boat so that we could explore, but Ryan’s father decided to take us out on the big boat. I was a very large boat. I wore a floaty vest since I could not swim. Ryan’s father took us around the river and the guys went swimming. I dipped my feet into the water. It was a good it. Ryan is so lucky to have a cool father.

We spent the next few days messing around and finally Monday came. The first day of school. I was so excited. I enjoy school. You get to read and write and learn new things. My mom made me and Ezek a good lunch to take with me and I waited for the school bus with Ezek. The bus came to my house as one of the first stops. The bus was still fairly empty. As usually people were mean and wouldn’t let Ezek and I sit next to them. We found sits in the back by the emergency exit.

The bus traveled around and collected the rest of the kids. Ozzie, Abby and Blake all got on the bus. Ryan gets driven by his father so he did not take the bus. A new kid got onto the bus. We found out later that his name was Cater and he was living in the Marsh house. He sat down and was reading one of the Brody Boys detective novels. I liked that series. I have read two of them. I didn’t recognize the cover, so it must have been the new one.

As we sat on the bus, the bully Max started picking on Cater. I told Max to leave him alone, but Max threatened me. I didn’t want to get hurt so I stayed quiet. I wish my legs worked better. Someone needs to stand up to Max, but I am just not strong enough. Max is really big. Max kept picking on Cater until Carter finally screamed for him to stop.

Then something weird happened. When Cater screamed the bus hit a huge bump or ditch, I not sure which. Anyways the bus lost control and started to swerve around. Max went flying to the ground, but luckily wasn’t hurt. The bus driver tried to stop the bus and was able to, but the bus went into a large ditch at the side of the road. Everyone looked at Carter as if it was his fault. No one got hurt.

I have never met anyone who had powers other than Ezek and I. But the bump seemed very conqusidental. I don’t know if Cater had caused the bus to crash or if it was just an accident. Most likely it was just an accident. Eventually another bus came and picked us up. We were not too late to school.

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Joey's Journal Page 5

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